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A legal matter can be separated into specific tasks and segmented, so that, a case can be thought about as the person with the legal matter and the attorney representing the case of the person's legal matter.

Meaning, more of a legal matter or case autonomy that placing the majority portions and case responsibility into the hands of person(s) or entities named in the legal matter with the represented case attorney completing only a minority portion of specific tasks while acting more as a guide for a case.

This approach has been increasingly recognized as an alternative, and perhaps, ideal way to decrease attorney related costs and decrease the time it takes for a client to be properly represented by a qualified attorney.

The specific advantages are not waiting for attorneys to accomplish simple, yet important tasks that could be easily completed by named parties in the legal matter, further reducing attorney costs.

For example:

Some parts of a case may require an attorney.

Other parts of a case you may be able to accomplish without an attorney.

Save time and money.

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